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Booming on baccarat: an introduction to Macau, the world’s casino capital, by a local investor

Las Vegas is still the most famous of the world’s casino cities, but Macau is a much heavier hitter in pure-play gambling, with more than five times the gaming revenues of its American rival.

We asked Joe Lo, a longstanding resident and investor in the city, for an introduction to the world’s casino capital.

He starts out with a quick backgrounder on Macau, before looking at its bid to build a tourism sector that relies a little less on gambling. 

Another part of the plan to diversify the economy is the construction of a new business district on Hengqin, an island just a few hundred metres away. 

There are two more articles: one on some of the drawbacks to Macau’s casino riches; the other, Joe’s personal take on the prospects for the Greater Bay Area